CPD Compliance 2018

As we are now into the final furlong for this year, get all of your CPD at our á-la-carte December conference along with online pre-recorded webinars on demand on your device before year-end.

Online CPD

Of the 20 hours for this year, you can do half of them from the comfort of your own office or home by simply logging in as you please to watch your chosen

pre-recorded videos separately between now and year-end and printing your certificates yourself afterwards.


By clicking here you will see the menu of pre-recorded webinar videos to choose from and the steps to book your 10 hours online CPD, including some free.

CPD Conferences

In addition to the online CPD you will be able to complete all of your 2018 obligations over Monday and Tuesday at our Annual 2-Day December CPD Board Conference.


Monday the 10th of December & Tuesday the 11th of December


Ballsbridge Hotel // i.e. The ‘old Jurys’ Hotel // Dublin 4

Thank you so much for your continued support, and do call me on 086 2438877 if you have any queries, including using the online webinar booking process.

Very best regards in the meantime,