‘Resilience And Happiness In The Life Of A Lawyer’

A lawyer’s life can be emotionally difficult. Yet feeling bad and not coping runs counter to the lawyer’s role: the strong advisor on whom anxious clients can depend.

Many lawyers suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, dissatisfaction at work, relationship issues, illness, addiction, depression and suicide.

Lawyers who are suffering need to believe that things can get better, that they can be happier, and part of that process is recognising that they are hurting and believing that they can overcome their difficulties.

Finding happiness and living well is a personal journey for everyone. In this session, you can begin to explore this difficult and personal question.

Wei Sim Ho talks to us about, amongst other things, finding meaning and purpose, having personal power, managing our relationship with money, discovering resilience and survival, and discovering our gifts.


Wei Sim Ho is a lawyer and an accredited psychotherapist with a busy private practice. She worked with a leading law firm and a multi-national corporation before leaving the corporate world for some years to retrain as a psychotherapist. She worked in Pieta House with adults and adolescents struggling with suicide and self-harm.

Category of CPD: Category C / B / A
Duration: 1.15 Hours

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