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Full timetable & line-up for Mondays 3rd & 10th December, and Tuesdays 4th & 11th December 2018

Below is a further list of the 2018 á-la-carte events seminars in sequence on each day. As the speakers provide us with their most updated presentations we upload them on this page immediately. Occasionally speakers update their materials at the last minute just before the scheduled presentation itself, so to ensure you have their most up-to-date version we suggest that you perform the following immediately before or after actual presentation:

How To Access, Print or Save The Presentations/Materials:

To access the various presentations/papers as we receive them from the speakers ourselves, simply click on the link(s) to the .pdf’s of their PowerPoint Presentation(s) and/or Paper(s) below the individual seminar names in the list below, and if the speaker has furnished us with his/her presentation and/or paper it will open up on your screen in a separate tab.

When that link/tab opens on your screen you will then have the usual option to save and/or print them (if you like to have a hard copy thereof in front of you at the event).

If there is no link contained in any particular seminar PowerPoint Presentation and/or Paper, this means that as of right now (i.e. the time you are reading this) we have not received them from that particular speaker, and we suggest that you revisit this page from time to time to see if they have been uploaded (simply by testing it each time by clicking on the links to see if they open as separate tabs/pages, etc.).

Note: when Presentations and/or Papers have been are uploaded onto this web-page and are accessible to you to save/print, the links to them (under the associated seminar names) usually appear as blue writing and sometimes underlined.

Mondays 3rd & 10th December, 2018:

Seminar No. 1 (8.10 – 9.40am) — Building Your HR Infrastructure

No. 1 – Building Your HR Infrastructure.

Seminar No. 2 (9.50 – 10.50am) — Winning The War For Legal Talent In 2019

No. 2 – Winning The War For Legal Talent In 2019

Seminar No. 3 (11.00am – 12.35pm) — A Chat With Jim: ‘Our Annual Check-Up With Dr. Jim Lucey’

There are no papers for this presentation.

Seminar No. 4 (1.30 – 2.30pm) — The Lawyer’s Dilemma

No. 4 – The Lawyer’s Dilemma.

Seminar No. 5 (2.40 – 3.40pm) — Preparing for Change and Achieving Results

No. 5 – Preparing for Change and Achieving Results.

Tuesday 4th & 11th December, 2018:

Seminar No. 6 (08.10 – 09.40am) — Tax-Incentivise Your Practice

No. 6 — Tax-Incentivise Your Practice .

Seminar No. 7 (09.50 – 10.50am) — Registering Easements/Profit-à-Prendre Acquired by Prescription

No. 7 – Registering Easements/Profit-à-Prendre Acquired by Prescription.

Seminar No. 8 (11.00am – 12.35pm) — Personal Injuries

No. 8 – Personal Injuries.

Seminar No. 9 (1.35 – 2.35pm) — Cyber Security – The Ever Changing Landscape

No. 9 – Cyber Security – The Ever-Changing Landscape.

Seminar No. 10 (2.45 – 4.00pm) — Wills, Probate & Administration Of Estates

No. 10 – Wills, Probate & Administration Of Estates.