‘Deal or No Deal, How Will It Impact On Clients Who Trade With The UK?’

As the reality of BREXIT is almost upon us, this webinar is a timely opportunity for us to find out how BREXIT will affect our clients when they seek to import or export goods from or to the UK. The new regime will affect ALL businesses irrespective of their size.

In this session (one of two webinars on BREXIT in our menu), Professor Dermot Cahill gives us a glimpse into the near future, taking us through the complexity that BREXIT is about to bring into all of our clients’ and our professional lives.

Changes to Product Certification and Customs Clearance processes will impact on our clients, whether they be large or small: this session helps us get a better handle on these changes.

Trade with Northern Ireland will be regulated under the “Revised Protocol”, and this session gives us an overview of the main implications for businesses in the Republic of Ireland when trading with Northern Ireland.

And finally, Professor Cahill gives a brief overview on how Revenue will treat goods purchased from the UK for customs duties purposes, which we did not have to pay before BREXIT, so this webinar will also interest us personally as well as professionally.

Issues considered include:

  1. Why do our clients need an Irish EORI number?
  2. Will they need a UK EORI number as well?
  3. Will clients need to use the services of customs clearance agents?
  4. When will entry and exit declarations to Irish Customs be needed?
  5. Goods transiting through the UK: what paperwork? And who does it?
  6. Customs Tariffs: how do our clients find out about applicable tariff rates?
  7. VAT?
  8. The Revised Protocol and trading with Northern Ireland?
  9. Will UK (product or service standards) Certifications used by Irish clients
    continue to be recognised in EU countries?


Prof. Dermot Cahill, Solicitor, is a Graduate of the College of Europe, previously Head of Law School/Professor of EU Internal Market Law and Procurement Strategy, University of Wales, Bangor, and Visiting Professor at many Universities around the world. Now Director and Head of Strategy with HelpUsTrade Ltd, an international consultancy specialising in EU & International Technical Assistance programmes with a Law interface, Professor Cahill examines a wide range of issues emanating from Brexit in this webinar.

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 1.1 Hours

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