‘Fight Or Flight – Useful Points Of Practice For Plaintiffs’

Even within the already unpredictable world of negligence litigation, medical negligence actions have a unique potential to attract spiralling costs and uncertain outcomes.

Indeed, deciding whether or not to issue proceedings for medical negligence is itself a complex and expensive process.

This webinar focuses on actions from the plaintiff’s perspective, with plenty of key takeaways.

Issues covered in this webinar include:

  • Key pointers for gearing up to a successful outcome
  • Key drivers of success/ failure
  • Recommendations on process and approach for practitioners
  • Common pitfalls and issues to watch out for
  • Trends and pipeline indicators potentially impacting this area.
  • Initial Attendances – Educating clients from the ‘get go’ (defence assessments, costs, delays)
  • Records and Reports – Gathering what is already available and instructing necessary experts
  • Limitations – From statute barring to informed consents
  • Damages – Maximising heads of damage
  • Case Study – Birth & Birthing Injuries (shoulder dystocia, caesarean section)


Mark O’Hagan BL is a barrister who lives in Dublin and practices on the Eastern, Northern and Dublin Circuits. Mark advises on a wide range of both private and commercial matters including a variety of negligence-based actions. www.lawlibrary.ie/members/Mark-D-O’Hagan/6638.aspx

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 0.75 Hours

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