Understanding & Experiencing Mindfulness: ‘The Resilience We Need For COVID And Beyond’

Just for this workshop, Ber Mulcahy would like to invite us to be curious, and non-judgmental.

Mindfulness is about paying attention with intention in this present moment, non-judgmentally. That is all we can do to get through these turbulent, unprecedented times. There is no point lamenting and craving for life pre-Covid. It does not exist right now. There is no point worrying endlessly about the future – it may never happen. We are where we are.

Mindfulness helps to focus our attention, to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgement, allowing the individual to have greater resilience and increased life satisfaction. We never know what life may throw at us – Covid has certainly taught us that lesson. Through mindfulness practice, we develop a way of life which helps us to prepare for, recover from, and adapt to the many changes life sends our way. A way of life where attitudes of the head are balanced by attitudes of the heart. We begin to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have. That glass half full rather than half empty often makes the difference between a good and a bad day.

As best you can during this session, pay attention with intention and you may discover you have taken the first step for the rest of your life.


Ber Mulcahy is currently the Director of Nursing in Bon Secours Hospital Cork and has worked there for 31 years in a number of Nursing / Leadership roles, including Human Resource Manager and is now also a member of the Hospital Management Team. In partnership with University College Cork, Ber has organized and delivered an annual Mindfulness Conference, and for many years Ber lectured in UCC in the area of HR management.

Category of CPD: Category C / B / A
Duration: 1.15 Hours

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