‘Change Is Inevitable; Progress Is Optional. How To Embrace The Opportunities And Avoid The Pitfalls As Our Profession Is Rapidly Changing With The Rest Of The World’

The only constant is change”, or so the popular cliché goes. But even change is happening faster and becoming arguably more complex with the deepening integration and influence of technology in every aspect of our professional and personal lives. No one and no industry is insulated from these trends. Yet some of us openly embrace the future while others resist it.

This webinar addresses the elephant in the room – that change is not comfortable nor easy for anyone, BUT by understanding what’s happening, properly preparing, and proactively driving a strategy and a plan that increases our personal and organizational success, the road ahead doesn’t have to look so daunting and uncertain.

Building on many case studies and examples of individuals, organizations and industries that have encountered this same challenge, Paul Ellingstad will explore next steps and specific guidance for the legal sector.

Topics Covered:

The key aspects of this presentation will include:

  • Situational awareness – the mega trends disrupting the status quo and why they matter
  • From theory to the real world – nice concepts vs. practical tools for change
  • Reactive vs. proactive – can we really plan or can we just get better in our reactions?
  • Trade-offs – costs, profits, ‘a bird in the hand vs. two in the bush’, and probabilities & risks
  • I’m back in the office tomorrow… what happens next?


Paul Ellingstad is Managing Partner of PTI Advisors, (www.ptiadvisors.com).  He is a veteran of the technology sector with iconic brands including Gateway, Compaq and HP, where he was deeply and directly at the heart of transformational change that impacted individuals, teams, companies, industries and even markets & society at large.  From digital transformation to business model innovation and personal leadership coaching and mentoring, Paul and PTI Advisors advise, guide and support breakthrough change and world class performance

Category of CPD: Category B / A
Duration: 1 Hour

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