Have you a framed Mediator’s Certificate gathering dust? Do you feel you were “sold a pup” with all the hype about Mediation being the next big thing, yet you have made little or nothing for your time/money/effort invested?

Whether you are one of the very few making a living as a Mediator, or one of the overwhelming majority who doesn’t know where to start to get your first/next case, AnOliveBranch.com is the long-awaited, welcome development that will unleash new work to you.

For Lawyer-Mediators, this lucrative opportunity is twofold: – as a Lawyer you can now elect to also offer your clients your unilateral services as their Mediator in appropriate cases, and no longer send them away where hitherto you weren’t in a position to help them. You can finally market and monetise your dual qualification and exponentially grow your practice by now being able to unilaterally provide both legal and mediation services to your clients.

AnOliveBranch.com is the groundbreaking new online system that, for the first time, removes the requirement for you to be co-appointed, and gives you the option to mediate remotely on your laptop without ever having to meet or speak with the parties.

AnOliveBranch.com overcomes all obstacles that have traditionally come between you being and not being appointed, thus opening up the possibility of limitless work by giving you access to work that has always been beyond your reach through no fault of your own.

Presented by Liam Moore, Founder & CEO of AnOliveBranch.com, Mediator and Lawyer, this webinar will show you how this system, described as “ingenious” by world experts in ODR, now enables Mediators to immediately:

  • take instructions from one only of the disputing parties (and no longer be subject to having our appointment and opportunity for work vetoed by the other)
  • have three opportunities to get work in any one dispute
  • access work that to date was impossible or impractical
  • provide our services anonymously if we wish, and with or without any face to face meetings
  • expand our practices by taking them online instantly, even without a website
  • broaden our sources of work infinitely beyond the existing pool of potential clients limited to geographic proximity
  • be an outsourced dispute resolution consultant in workplace disputes for your small employer-clients, and/or to the HR department of larger employers
  • again help resolve disputes that previously proved unsuitable or unsuccessful at live Mediation sessions
  • benefit from an international branding, membership, and presence.

You will be given the opportunity to broadly hear how An Olive Branch works, how it can immediately be incorporated into your existing practices, how it is designed to bring you work, and how you can instantly take your practice online, with all the opportunities for additional fee income that this brings.

The aim of this presentation is to bring this new practice-tool to your attention, and to invite anyone interested in hearing more about this online system to contact AnOliveBranch.com, especially if you think you’d like to trial it after watching.

As sure as night becomes day, you will come across a new case or a stage in an existing case from time to time where your client will be prepared or eager to “call time-out” and use this innovative, friendly, informal mediation process to try to resolve their issues and preserve a valuable business or personal relationship with the other party in preference to a legal fight that will most certainly destroy it.


Category of CPD: Category B / A
Duration: 1 Hour


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