‘Practical Guidance On Preparing Application Maps For Property Registration’

This talk by the PRAI provides practical information to assist us in the preparation of maps for applications for lodgement in the Property Registration Authority to enable successful registration.

Key aspects covered in this talk include:

  • Multi-Storey Registration / Approval for non-Form 3 Multi-Storey Developments in accordance with Appendices 5(a), 5(b) & 5(d):
    • Revised Mapping Guidelines  from the 1st July 2021
    • Streamlined guide outlining PRA requirements
    • Frequently raised queries and common occurring errors
  • Compulsory First Registration of Individual Apartments / Units in Multi-Storey Developments (pre-1st June 2011)
    • New Mapping Guidelines - Appendix 5(c) – effective from 1st July 2021
    • Purpose & Application of Appendix 5(c)
    • PRA mapping requirements clarified:
      • Location Map
      • Floor/Unit Plan
    • Commonly occurring issues in applications
    • Information sources & PRA contact details
  • Guidance on the Preparation of Application Maps For Property Registration
    • The basic requirements – acceptable map types
    • Commonly occurring errors in applications


Ciara Burke and Helen Daly are Regional Mapping Directors (RMD) in Waterford, and Paula Hennessy is the RMD responsible for the team who map all Form 3 Solicitor-certified First Registration Applications Unit of the Property Registration Authority. The Solicitor Certified Casework Unit processes applications for First Registration in Form 3 based on solicitor certification.

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 0.5 Hours

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