‘How To Protect And Enhance Your Physical And Cognitive Health Right Through Practice And Retirement’

If you put bad fuel into your car, you won’t be surprised when it breaks down. Yet, when we put bad fuel into our bodies, why are we surprised when we get ill or feel sluggish in the office, and outside?

In this webinar, Colin Smith gives us the benefit of his experience during his 30 year career as a nutritionist, counsellor and physical therapist. He focusses on both our physical and cognitive health, to raise our awareness of the importance of lifestyle and diet if we are to maintain a healthy mind and body to cope with the pressures of practice and carry that forward into retirement. And Colin outlines the typical symptoms, ailments and conditions that we can expect if we don’t…. and perhaps you will recognise some in yourself.

He deals with topics such as:

  • the foods that damage the brain, and why dementia is being called diabetes 3
  • the importance of nutrition to create neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, and why these are vital for good mood and good cognitive health
  • how toxins can actually cause the brain to shrink and harden
  • why low cholesterol can cause poor cognitive health
  • how cholesterol is connected to our stress hormones through our adrenal glands
  • are you suffering from adrenal fatigue, and how to reverse it
  • the importance of keeping your mind healthy now but also into your retirement so that you can live a long and healthy life with your mind intact
  • the importance of the proper balance of omega 3 and 6
  • how this balance could also help protect us from cancer
  • how inorganic minerals in water/food can slowly harm us physically & mentally
  • the connection between poor digestion and mental health, and why the digestive system is called the second brain and engine of the body
  • getting an accurate measurement of the condition of the heart and arteries.

Category of CPD: Category B / A
Duration: 1.35 Hours


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