‘Preparing Applications For Lodgement in the PRA’

Applications lodged for registration in the Property Registration Authority in relation to registered property are frequently rejected or queried, often for routine matters. A properly prepared application will proceed to registration quickly providing an efficient mechanism for property registration. However, experience has shown that applications submitted to the Property Registration Authority frequently fall short on a number of fronts.

This session is delivered at a practical level with a focus on aiding practitioners to prepare applications in accordance with the Land Registry’s requirements.

Key aspects covered in this webinar:

  • Documents required for the main dealing types
  • Execution of Deeds
  • Main problems encountered with applications

(Applications for first registration are not be covered in this webinar)


Eamonn Morris is a Principal Officer in the Property Registration Authority with twenty years’ Land Registry experience.  He is responsible for the overall management of Casework not requiring examination of title (Land Registry and Registry of Deeds) and Corporate Services.

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 1 Hour


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