‘An Overview Of This Newest Piece of Legislation On Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries’

This presentation overviews the 2017 Civil Liability (Amendment) Act, the title of which is worth noting: ‘An Act to amend the Civil Liability Act 1961 to provide for the award of damages by way of a periodic payments order in certain circumstances where a plaintiff has suffered catastrophic injuries; to amend the Insurance Act 1964; to amend the Bankruptcy Act 1988; to amend the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997; to amend the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004; and to provide for related matters’.

Objectives Of This Webinar:

The aim of this presentation is to give you an overview of what to expect in terms of changes in the claims management space following the enactment of this legislation, and how to prepare accordingly.


Caroline Gill is a practising barrister in the Law Library, Dublin. She was an Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland from 1998 to 2005, responsible for the independent investigations of disputes between consumers, small business and their insurance companies. In 2005, Caroline was appointed as a Deputy Financial Services Ombudsman. Previously, Caroline was CEO of the Consumers’ Association of Ireland from 1990 – 1998.

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 0.65 Hours


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