‘We Are More Lived Than Living’ (Freud). ‘The Search For Balance In Life And Work; Stress And Its Discontents’

In this webinar Dr. Brian Dooney explores why, despite our best intentions, we often choose stress in our daily life as lawyers.

Drawing on material from literature, psychology and the arts, Dr. Dooney takes a humorous look at the dynamics of human nature, illustrating how cherished patterns of behaviour can sabotage our desire to find a balance in life and work, to handle pressure, to negotiate obstacles, to deal constructively with authority or the conflicting expectations of clients.

As Oscar Wilde expressed it in ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’: ‘Each man kills the thing he loves’. Surprisingly, perhaps, we cultivate stress in different ways, given the idiosyncrasies of personality in interaction with the environment, in the office, workplace or home.

So the question arises – how do we break the habitual cycle and nurture a more balanced lifestyle and attitude to our work? This webinar interestingly incorporates literature and the arts to facilitate a creative response to the challenges and stresses of life as a contemporary lawyer.

Category of CPD: Category C / B / A
Duration: 0.7 Hours

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