‘Deal or No Deal, How It Impacts On Me, My Practice, & My Clients’

As the reality of BREXIT is almost upon us, this webinar is a timely opportunity for us to find out how BREXIT will affect us, our practices and our clients, i.e. it covers topics about BREXIT that impact on not just our clients, but also on us personally and as a legal professionals.

In this session (one of two webinars on BREXIT in our menu), Professor Dermot Cahill, former Dean of Bangor Law School, considers several key questions about how our experience of dealing with the UK as a jurisdiction, personally and as practising lawyers, will change following the UK's exit from the EU by the end of December, including various practical daily issues such as:

  1. Will my ‘EIII’ (EHIC) be accepted in the UK any longer?
  2. How will the “common travel area” be affected by BREXIT?
  3. Will my kids pay higher college fees if they study in the UK?
  4. What are the arrangements for UK driving licence holders in Ireland?
  5. Will I need a passport and visa to travel to the UK?
  6. The UK-EU Settlement Scheme: must Irish citizens residing in the UK register?
  7. What does the Common Travel Area guarantee for Irish & UK Citizens?
  8. Will the European Arrest Warrant be executable in the UK any longer?
  9. Will UK food be produced at a lower standard than Irish food after Brexit?
  10. Will Human Rights protection be radically changed in the UK after Brexit?
  11. Why is the UK Government so upset about Workers’ rights in the Brexit talks?
  12. Why is the UK so truculent about observing EU State Aid rules after Brexit?
  13. What is the UK strategy in talks on Fishing and Environmental issues?
  14. Is the UK likely to lower or raise corporate taxation after Brexit?
  15. Some examples of how your birthday treat or impulse buy online from the UK

will be treated for customs duty purposes after Brexit.


Prof. Dermot Cahill, Solicitor, is a Graduate of the College of Europe, previously Professor of EU Internal Market Law and Procurement Strategy, University of Wales, Bangor, and Visiting Professor at many Universities around the world. Now Director and Head of Strategy with HelpUsTrade Ltd, an international consultancy specialising in EU & International Technical Assistance programmes with a Law interface, Professor Cahill will examine a wide range of issues emanating from Brexit in this first of two talks.

Category of CPD: Category B / A
Duration: 1.2 Hours

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