Whether you’re an employer, an outsourced HR consultancy, or an inhouse HR professional, are you tired of:

  1. staff conflict landing on your desk that could and should be resolved by the employees themselves?
  2. some employees behaving unreasonably and declining or withdrawing from mediation, where their dispute would clearly benefit from that process?
  3. often being stressed out trying to balance your duty of care to both employees with your fear of being accused or sued for not handling it properly?
  4. following internal disciplinary/grievance procedures to the letter, yet those processes leave everyone feeling like they’ve been through the wringer?
  5. losing a good employee at the expense of a bad apple whom you know is a source of contamination among your staff?
  6. not having a smoke alarm for troublesome employees or simmering problems, an early-detection system that can catch conflict in the bud and limit the fallout?
  7. looking for an easier and more effective way to help employees resolve their workplace issues, while protecting yourself, your employer-company, and the disputing employees in equal measure?
  8. having to intervene or assist in resolving issues between employees at all……if only they could fix it themselves without any HR/employer involvement ☹

Described as “ingenious” by world experts in ODR, the new online mediation system of AnOliveBranch.com is the innovative online dispute resolution process for the resolution of workplace conflict.

Presented by Liam Moore, Founder & CEO of AnOliveBranch.com, Mediator and Lawyer, in this webinar you will be shown how and why this simple, 3-step process solves all of the practical, everyday challenges that you face, those listed above being just a few. You will be given the opportunity to broadly hear how An Olive Branch works, how it can immediately be incorporated into your existing practices and procedures, and most valuably how it is designed to lighten your workload and legal exposure.

The aim of this presentation is to bring this new practice-tool to your attention, and to invite anyone interested in hearing more about this online system to contact AnOliveBranch.com, especially if you think you’d like to trial it after watching.

As sure as night becomes day, you will come across a new case or a stage in an existing case from time to time where your client/employee will be prepared or eager to “call time-out” and use this innovative, friendly, simple, short, informal mediation process to try to resolve their issues and preserve a valuable working relationship with their colleague in preference to a formal process that may most certainly destroy it.


Category of CPD: Category B / A
Duration: 0.75 Hours


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