Module 2: 11.15am – 12.30pm (1.5* Regulatory / Professional Development & Solicitor Wellbeing / General CPD Hours)

Monday 4th December 2023

CYBER SECURITY – Insights From A Hacker

‘Essential Strategies for Lawyers’

In this session, a hacker delves into the critical aspects of digital security tailored for our profession and emphasizes why law firms should be particularly vigilant, given our sensitive data. Ciarán will begin with an introduction to the modern digital world, exploring the complexities of online threats and identifying the ‘bad guys’ in cyberspace, including a deep dive into Dark Web markets.

He will then focus on Password Security, discussing the risks associated with weak passwords, highlighting the most common and easily exploitable ones. Practical tips for good password practice will be provided, empowering attendees to strengthen their first line of defence.

The talk will then progress to Online Safety, where he will explore the dangers of malware and viruses, providing actionable advice on how to protect ourselves from these pervasive threats. This includes best practices for both personal and professional digital interactions.

In his Social Engineering section, Ciarán will offer an interactive demonstration of what happens when you click a malicious link. This part of the talk is crucial for understanding the nuances of phishing scams and how to spot and defend against social engineering attacks, a common tactic employed to compromise legal data.

Moving onto the realm of Home Security and Smart Devices, he will introduce us to a key hacking tool, a search engine used by hackers, and discuss strategies to secure home networks and environments, especially when they are used for work-related purposes.

The Mobile Device Security section is critical for everyone to understand due to our reliance on mobile technology, emphasizing the importance of safe mobile app practices and providing guidelines to avoid malicious apps and tracking, ensuring that mobile devices are not the weak link in data security.

Finally, Ciarán will address the challenges of Travelling Securely, focusing on the risks associated with public Wi-Fi and the best practices to keep client data secure, a crucial aspect for those of us who often working remotely or on the go.

The talk is designed to be proactive in nature whereby the attendees can come away empowered with the knowledge of how to defend both client and personal data from hackers in cyberspace.


Ciarán is a cybersecurity expert with 8 years of experience, specialising in ethical hacking and understanding hacker tactics to advise both companies and individuals to protect themselves online.

His expertise involves simulating cyber-attacks to expose vulnerabilities in various industries, combining technical skills and human social engineering.

Additionally, he navigates the dark web to gather threat intelligence, keeping an eye on hacker activities and trends.

Ciarán’s approach to cybersecurity is centred around demystifying complex tech language, translating it into simple, actionable steps, making digital safety accessible to all.

He seeks to educate on the latest common hacking tactics, scams, and how to stay vigilant, aiming to fortify defences against real-world cyber threats and making cybersecurity understandable and manageable for everyone

Category of CPD: Regulatory (and/or Management and/or General)*
Duration: 1.5 Hours

* (which you can also use as Management or General CPD if you have already done your mandatory Regulatory and/or Management hours, respectively).


* this is a participative and interactive workshop seminar and merits the delegate a total of 1.5 Regulatory / Professional Development & Solicitor Wellbeing / General CPD Hours (inclusive of a bonus 0.3 CPD Hours calculated as 25% of the actual seminar time excl. breaks, i.e. 1.25 hours x 25% = 0.3)