Firstly, with two exceptions (see “eLearning” and “Published Articles” below), the FORMAT of all CPD courses you attend must be in a “Group”, i.e. not done alone. In other words, the term ‘Group Study’ is used to describe the FORMAT which ALL CPD education / training must take (with the aforesaid eLearning and Published Articles exceptions), whereas the terms ‘General’ or ‘Professional Development and Solicitor Wellbeing’ or ‘Client Care and Professional Standards’ describes the CONTENT or subject matter of the education / training course.

Therefore, ‘Group Study‘ simply means that the FORMAT of the course must consist of “an organised session of continuing professional development undertaken in a group of three or more persons that lasts for a period of not less then thirty minutes” (calculated excluding the time spent at breaks or registration), and as applies to all CPD, it must “be in a form that can be objectively verified”.

Examples of ‘Group Study’ include “lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences”. Physical attendance by the solicitor is required. Therefore, the watching of a ‘live feed’ of a conference/seminar/training session may not be claimed as group study (but may be claimed as eLearning).

Group Study may take place within or outside Ireland, and it does not need to be in groups that are comprised of solicitors.