You can now apply online. To access the forms and how to apply, see the CPD Scheme page here.

If you are unclear about whether your own particular circumstances qualify for an exemption from, or entitlement to a reduction in, the normal annual minimum CPD requirements, you should direct your query to the CPD Scheme Unit ( of the Law Society at the earliest opportunity for their approval / adjudication in these types of cases.  No such application is, however, generally necessary in maternity, paternity, carers or adoptive leave cases.

(Hours in excess of 25 undertaken in one year do not roll over to the next).

For further and more detailed information on any aspect of the Law Society’s CPD requirements, please refer to the CPD section on the Society’s website ( or contact the Society’s CPD Scheme Unit (email: or telephone: (01) 6724802

The Law Society’s CPD Scheme guidelines specifically stipulate that the Society does not accredit any particular course provider, nor does the Society accredit any particular course and Section 10 thereof provides that ‘the onus is on a solicitor to exercise his/her own reasonable judgment in relation to the quality of education/training and what education/training is relevant to his/her particular practice.’

Save for any CPD courses run by the Society itself, the Society is not affiliated with any independent CPD course providers (such as local bar associations, universities, or external providers like CPD Board or others).