‘Understanding Wardship Applications by Tusla - the Child and Family Agency’

Tusla - the Child and Family Agency - is a statutory organisation, established in January 2014 under the Child and Family Agency Act 2013 which amends the Child Care Act, 1991 mandating Tusla with a statutory duty to promote the welfare of children who are not receiving adequate care and protection.

Tusla may apply to the courts for a number of different orders in respect of children who are at risk or who are in need of care. These orders give the courts a range of powers (including decision-making), about the type of care necessary and about access to the child or children for parents and other relatives.

This webinar deals with Tusla making an application to the High Court for a child to be admitted to Wardship prior to the child reaching the age of 18. Such wardship applications by Tusla are increasing noticeably in the past number of years, and this talk explores:

  1. the procedure and necessary steps in Tusla bringing the application
  2. the appointment of the independent medical visitor, inquiry/objection and admitting to Wardship
  3. Solicitors being court appointed as Guardians Ad Litem in the High Court (certainly becoming a more common occurrence)
  4. Solicitors representing a parent of an intended Ward during the Wardship proceedings
  5. Solicitors representing the court appointed Guardian Ad Litem when the court appointed Guardian Ad Litem is a duly qualified Social Worker and not a Solicitor
  6. Solicitors representing the intended ward post-18 years old during the Wardship application.


Michael Connellan is a Solicitor, and General Manager of the Child and Family Agency with particular expertise in Wardship.

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 0.5 Hours

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