‘Recognising What Is Capable Of Registration In The Property Registration Authority & Preparing The Application For Lodgement’

Legislative changes provide that applications to register prescriptive rights can since 2011 be made directly to the Property Registration Authority. A sufficiently grounded application will proceed to registration quickly, providing an efficient registration mechanism for uncontested rights. However, experience has shown that the applications submitted to the Property Registration Authority frequently fall short on a number of fronts.

This session is delivered in a manner to help practitioners recognise if a right is capable of registration under this scheme and to prepare an application for registration. The key aspects of this session includes:

  • Documents required, including the Form 68 Affidavit
  • PRA processing of applications
  • Main problems encountered with applications.


Eamonn Morris is an Assistant Principal Officer in the Property Registration Authority with twenty years’ Land Registry experience.  His responsibilities include management of the unit established to process prescriptive easement/profit-á-prendre applications. He also manages priority review cases.

Category of CPD: Category A (General)
Duration: 0.8 Hours


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