Booking/Access to webinars cannot be processed without payment (Cheque, EFT or Debit/Credit Card) covering the full fee. Debit/Credit card payments can be made and processed either online or offline: ‘online’ is by following the card payment process on this site through to completion yourself without the assistance of CPD Board; ‘offline’ is by any other means, e.g. by calling CPD Board at 086 243 8877 to process that payment for you, or by cheque or EFT, etc. Any price discounts or packages advertised from time to time are only available and applicable to bookings made online. All cheques are made payable to “CPD Board”.

Your booking occurs when you receive a booking confirmation email from us, as we acknowledge receipt of every booking payment by email, so if you haven’t received such an email from us within 14 days of payment, please contact CPD Board at 086 243 8877 or at

If and when any booker gains access (whether exercised or not) to webinars without the correct full fee being received by us, regardless of the reason, such access can be immediately revoked and terminated without notice or recourse, and in consideration for such access the booker is deemed to have done so on the basis of, and to have prior agreed to, these Terms and Conditions including agreeing to be responsible to pay us the correct associated fee(s) properly payable in respect of same at the offline non-discounted rate and that we are entitled to request and recover such unpaid sum(s) on demand as liquidated damages from the booker.

Access to Webinars:

Subject to each of the Terms and Conditions herein, payment entitles the booked solicitor to revocable, terminable, conditional access to the selected webinars, where the frequency and/or the final date of login and access thereto depends on the nature and extent thereof as shall be applicable to any given CPD package or price availed of.

Cancellation or Transferability:

Should you wish to cancel your booking, there is no refund entitlement. Your booking is not transferable..

Disclaimer & Infringement:

The content and materials of any webinar/event are compiled and delivered by, personal to, and are the sole responsibility of, the speakers. This platform is simply a means though which the speakers display their content (similar to any search engine), and neither the Bar Association (The Irish Bar Association (Promoters) Limited) nor CPD Board (CPD Board Limited), their servants or agents or representatives shall be responsible or liable to compensate whatsoever anyone who relies thereon. The webinars are for general guidance and are not and do not purport to be up to date or relevant at the time of viewing, nor to be legal advice on any particular circumstances or set of facts whatsoever, on which specific appropriate professional advice should always be obtained. The course content and materials of any webinar/event are for the booked solicitor only and shall be accessed/viewed only by that solicitor using the associated registered logins and email address, and under no circumstances are to be shared, published, distributed, copied, downloaded, disseminated or altered in any way or put online, as this constitutes a breach of copyright and can cause technical and access issues for other users.

CPD Certificates:

Subject to and with particular emphasis on Access to Webinars above and to the Expiry Date below: CPD certificates are automatically generated and available to bookers onscreen (by clicking on the “Download your CPD certificate” button) to download/save & print immediately at the end of each booked webinar. It is the responsibility of the booker to do so immediately after individually viewing each booked webinar, and failure to do so may require the booker to login again and re-access that webinar before being able to access that certificate, and other than same we shall not be obliged to provide bookers with such certificate(s) by email or otherwise. If we receive any request for CPD certificates (whether electronically or by post, etc.), each certificate will be supplied only on prior payment on each occasion of an Administration Charge of €50 (+ VAT where exigible) accompanied by a stamped SAE when being supplied by us to you by post. Lessons: watch all of your webinars in full before the Expiry Date, and don’t forget to click on the “Download your CPD certificate” button at the end of each viewed webinar and before leaving that webpage or logging out or viewing your next booked webinar!

Expiry Date:

Your login credentials and access to your booked webinars shall expire on the 31st December of the year in which you made your booking, or on such earlier date as shall apply to any given CPD package or price you availed of. No webinars, nor access to your dashboard thereof, shall roll over beyond that date.