‘Understanding The Risk Is The First Step Towards Reducing It’

With such a heavy reliance on technology and connectivity in our practices today it is no wonder security has become a growing area of concern for us, as in most organisations. Security risks are at an all-time high with the media reporting on new security breaches and threats almost every day, and law firms have not escaped. Not only are there huge legal consequences of a data breach, there are also reputational and financial implications that can have a profound impact on any firm or organisation.

Objectives of talk:

This session aims to educate us on the most prominent risks that are present in today’s business environment. It is delivered in a non-technical capacity and highlights:

  1. What we need to know about what’s happening now in cyber security
  2. Where the greatest areas of risk are
  3. The importance of managing people, processes and technology in order to remain secure
  4. Practical ways of protecting against these risks and avoiding being a victim of a data breach, including how to:
    • secure sensitive data within your practice
    • protect against data theft
    • protect against cyber threats
    • insure yourself against losses
    • lower your business risk.


Sean Rooney is a Founding Member and Cyber Risk & Assurance Director at Integrity360, the largest cyber security specialists in Ireland (www.Integrity360.com). Sean has almost 20 years information and cyber security experience with a broad expertise in risk and governance, strategic executive direction and programme execution.

Category of CPD: Regulatory (and/or Management and/or General)*
Duration: 1.15 Hours

* (which you can also use as Management or General CPD if you have already done your mandatory Regulatory and/or Management hours, respectively).

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