Maximising Technology To Protect Your Data And Also To Deliver Productivity and Efficiency To Your Practice

‘There has been a near 50pc increase in the number of cyber attacks reported by Irish law firms in the past year’ (Irish Independent, 21 Nov., 2016).

There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that don’t know they have been hacked’ (John Chambers, Cisco CEO).

This non-technical webinar provides you with the ability to assess the cyber-security readiness of your practice, identify technology improvements to increase productivity and efficiency and recognise threats such as phishing emails and other malware.

Using technology brings immeasurable productivity and efficiency benefits to our practices, but it also carries risk. Data protection law requires that personal information must be held and used securely. Notwithstanding the legal requirements, a cyber-attack on your practice can have severe financial, commercial and reputational implications. One colleague is only now recovering from such fallout 2 years later.

From a personal perspective, you may have a limited knowledge of cyber security, but you are the final line of defence against an attack. Accidental disclosure or human error is also a leading cause of breaches of data.

The key aspects of this webinar include:

  • Technology controls for keeping information secure
  • Practical ways to keep your IT systems safe and secure
  • Using technology to deliver productivity and efficiency
  • Recovering from a cyber breach
Category of CPD: Regulatory (or Management and/or General)*
Duration: 1 Hour

 ‘(*which you can also use as Management or General CPD if you have already done your mandatory Regulatory and/or Management hours, respectively)’.

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