‘Consumer or Investor? An Analysis of The ‘Consumer Defence’ & of The Banking Regulatory Codes of Conduct On The Bank/Customer Relationship’

Trevor Murphy is a solicitor qualified to practice in Ireland, England and New York state. He works with Lloyds Bank in London specialising in banking law and commercial litigation.

In this webinar Trevor examines the practical aspects and the legal nature and effect of the relationship between a bank and its customer. For example:

  • Who qualifies as a ‘consumer’ for the purposes of the Consumer Credit Act 1995?
  • What are the consequences for financial institutions breaching the provisions of the legislation?
  • What is the precise legal status of Banking Regulatory Codes of Conduct on the Bank/Customer relationship, e.g. Consumer Protection Code, SME Code?
  • Can they be used as a ‘shield’ and/or as a ‘sword’ in seeking to resist proceedings, or are they just ‘soft law’?

Trevor also discusses the impact of recent legislative changes in the area such as section 44 of the Central Bank Act 2013, and some possible future developments in this area.

Category of CPD: General
Duration: 1 Hour


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